Bye bye Monsters! (…and this school year)

It’s been a little while… But that doesn’t mean nothing has happened here at Vivid Dance HQ. On the contrary, we’ve been very busy. Workshops across the Tees Valley and beyond, delivering on schools’ Arts Weeks, Health Weeks and Fun Days. Next to that we also had to say goodbye (for now) to the students at Priory Woods School in Middlesbrough as we have now finished our Monsters in Motion project which we delivered together with Ingi Jensson from TeesToons.

The 6 weeks flew past, time surely flies when you’re having fun! And what fun we had! Turned out that our new set up of Ingi and myself teaching a joint session, rather than 2 separate ones, is very good! Not only for ourselves, as I can have a go at making some drawings (not so very good ones :-S) and Ingi can have a little dance, but also for the children. It makes so much sense for them to first draw and immediately dance it, or the other way around…

With this having been the first time for us to teach our Monsters in Motion workshop in a SEN school, we also were very keen on seeing how it would work out. The answer is, brilliantly! We worked with a group of 15 14-15 year old physically able students of which there was only 1 girl… The Arts Coordinator in the school thought that the fact it was about monsters and drawing was incorporated into the project would really appeal to the boys. And she wasn’t wrong! Even boys that would be reluctant to moving around, let alone dancing around, were getting their best Monster moves out. Feedback from some of the staff was that some students actually surprised them by them staying in the sessions… It was said some students would sometimes not even stay in the room for anything similar like our projects, but they now, over time, got more and more engaged. So that was great to hear!

No more Monsters in Motion for now, but don’t forget, your pupils can still get monster-fied in the next school year. Us and Ingi at TeesToons will be more than happy to see what Monster moves we can get out of your pupils! For more information on this and other projects and workshops, click here for more info. Or, if you have any ideas, Arts Weeks or anything else coming up in the new year, we’re more than happy to have a chat with you about what you’re after and what we can do for you.

Have a lovely summer, we’ll try and do the same 😉

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