Complex Needs Sensory Dance & Movement Project

As we’ve only just had this blog, let’s just get you up to speed with a project we’ve done at the beginning of this year. (Can’t believe we’re almost at the end of April already!) Anyway, it was a 6 week project in a SEN school in Middlesbrough in which we devised a movement programme specifically for the children with complex needs; those that are able physically but haven’t got a lot of understanding or communication skills otherwise.

The school was after a programme that through movement and sensory experiences would link with their topics of Patterns, The Gruffalo, Water and Animals. For 6 weeks we intensively worked with a small group of teachers and every other week we tried out our findings in a session with a mix of primary aged children. Going by how the sessions went we could tweak the activities; look at what kind of resources would best accompany them, what kind of music would go well with it and so we were able to finalise the programme as we went along.

In the end we devised a structure for the teachers that they could adjust according to the topic they would cover and gave them an easy to follow lesson plan with all the activities and music. They in turn made their own little ‘resource boxes’ in which they put all the things needed to deliver a dance session on the topic. They also said that by doing it like this, every teacher in the school would be able to just pick up a box and get going immediately.

It was great to see how much the children picked up on different things, adapted and engaged with the project. But, without the great help and input of the staff involved it wouldn’t have been the same! All in all, happy children and happy staff!

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