Monsters in Motion with TeesToons

Another post… Overload of them, but we’ll promise this is the last one for now 😉

Just wanted to let you know about our Monsters in Motion workshop we’ve been doing with Ingi Jensson from TeesToons. We are right in the middle of another 6 week project with a SEN school in Middlesbrough, the same one we did the Complex Needs Dance & Movement Project in, but now to work with upper school students, aged 14-15. We’ve adapted our regular Monsters in Motion workshop for this project.

Where Ingi and I would normally deliver separate workshops and then swap groups, we now deliver one big dance & drawing session together! So much fun. It might even be the way forward for our regular workshops…? Anyway, all’s going brilliantly with the project, the students get very much stuck into both drawing and dancing their monsters.

Oh… And here’s what happens with Ingi and myself once we’ve finished a session; we’ve got problems adjusting to ‘normal’ life…

For more information about the Monsters in Motion workshop please go to our ‘We offer’-page and click on ‘More’ in Education.

Till the next blog post!

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