Stockton Parent Support

Stockton Parent Support is a local charity that aims to ensure all young people with disabilities and additional needs up to 19 years old, would receive the support needed to be able to participate in out of school activities that enriched their lives and contributed to their development. SPS put on activities themselves for which they were funded and one of these was The Little Gym. From September till November last year we ran this project with SPS.

We were approached to deliver a 10-week project to include creative dance and movement for children between 0-8 years old. The sessions would have to incorporate activities to help concentration, decisions making and leadership skills. At the end of our 10 weeks we opened our doors to family and friends to see what we all had been working on. All in all a great project!

Since then lots has changed… SPS lost all their funding and despite many efforts to raise the funds they desperately needed to continue their regular activities, SPS, like many other charities in the area, were forced to go dormant. Today we went along to their last, and always very successful, Tree House Club in Billingham, where they had a little goodbye do. We’re sad to see yet another charity close their doors when there are so many children and families relying on the great services SPS has!

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