Strawberry cakes, M1 and a big chair

Hello all,

It has been a while since I, Zubaidah, have finished touring with Tell Tale Hearts Theatre Company… Every since I came back mid-November, it has been all systems go with delivery of workshops and after school clubs. But, I have a little bit of time now, so thought I’d update you on the tour.

To make 9 weeks of venues, adventures, thousands of miles, set disasters and living in B&Bs short, it was great! Even though at times we had to think twice when at a venue the technicians asked us where we were yesterday… And sometimes we weren’t even sure anymore where we had arrived that night/morning! Over the weeks we had become experts in fitting the set into the van, it was like a game of Tetris every time! Technicians were often very impressed that we were able to fit it all in!

Let’s see… Couple of highlights then…

BATH. After our first week on the road, we had 3 days of shows in The Egg in Bath. Brilliant! First of all because we didn’t need to get in and get out on the same day, but also we were able to see a bit of the lovely city and relax, rather than dashing off to the next place. The Egg is a great theatre for children, everything is child-friendly!

ROSSENDALE. First big bruise from jumping off the big chair… :-S

BIRMINGHAM. The shows here at the MAC were good, first shows with a lot of accompanying adults.

NOTTINGHAM. The Studio Theatre where we performed in the Playhouse was absolutely packed! Both shows.

HALIFAX. Just because the other half of Vivid Dance came to watch the show.

CAMBRIDGE. Here at The Junction we were sold out again, which was great for the last 2 shows of the tour!

And to refer back to the title of this blog post ‘Strawberry cakes, M1 and a big chair’, these basically sum up the tour. My character Sweet was a strawberry cake person. We must have been up and down the M1 numerous times, too many. And the big chair, well, it is big and everywhere we’d been, whether it was during rehearsals or in any of the theatres/schools, the big chair was the attraction point!

With all that said, I’m going to do this all over again next year… Tour dates will be on the Tell Tale Hearts’ website at some point, so if you want to bring your little ones or pupils along, check their website to see if we come to a theatre near you.

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