Strawberry cakes, M1 and a big chair

Hello all, It has been a while since I, Zubaidah, have finished touring with Tell Tale Hearts Theatre Company… Every since I came back mid-November, it has been all systems go with delivery of workshops and after school clubs. But, I have a little bit of time now, so thought I’d update you on the […]

Yummm! tour Autumn 2013

Hello all! Since mid September I, Zubaidah, have been busy rehearsing with Tell Tale Hearts, a children’s touring theatre company in Huddersfield. For the last 2 weeks the UK tour has started… Tell Tale Hearts focuses on making work for children. The piece we’re touring at the moment is called ‘Yummm!’, the company’s first dance […]

Monsters in Motion with TeesToons

Another post… Overload of them, but we’ll promise this is the last one for now 😉 Just wanted to let you know about our Monsters in Motion workshop we’ve been doing with Ingi Jensson from TeesToons. We are right in the middle of another 6 week project with a SEN school in Middlesbrough, the same […]

Complex Needs Sensory Dance & Movement Project

As we’ve only just had this blog, let’s just get you up to speed with a project we’ve done at the beginning of this year. (Can’t believe we’re almost at the end of April already!) Anyway, it was a 6 week project in a SEN school in Middlesbrough in which we devised a movement programme […]

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