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Hello all!

Since mid September I, Zubaidah, have been busy rehearsing with Tell Tale Hearts, a children’s touring theatre company in Huddersfield. For the last 2 weeks the UK tour has started…

Tell Tale Hearts focuses on making work for children. The piece we’re touring at the moment is called ‘Yummm!’, the company’s first dance piece and is all about food… In rehearsals we’ve been working with artistic director Natasha Holmes, choreographer Pauline Mayers and composer/musical director Matt Marks. Yep, our musical skills have been tested! Haha. Not Mariah Carey style, but still 😉 Now that we’re on tour, it’s just the 4 of us: 3 dancers, Alice Cade, Sarah Butler and myself and our driver/technical manager/stage manager Charlotte Carson. In a very fancy looking red VW van we’re crossing the country from Yorkshire to combined harvester land, visiting loads of theatres and a couple of cosy school dining halls close to the company’s base…

If you have, know any young children, or not and you just want to come and watch us, you can still catch us in theatres across the country, please see below for our touring schedule. Or give us a wave if you see a very Tetris-like packed, red VW van pass you…

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